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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 7, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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took kids off headtart? >> they've been talking about reforms to social security and medicare and medicaid. >> we'll see. >> he gives a good speech. [ talking over each other ] >> why don't you sign that and donate it to charity. >> i will. >> sean: that's all the time we have left. give the point back. greta is up next. see you tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. >> greta: this is it, that's the starting line. we are live republican 2012 starting line right here in iowa. if you want to be the next president of the united states you are probably in iowa tonight. we are at what is being called the most exciting political event ever. potential republican candidates are swarming iowa tonight they are trying to dazzle hundreds of conservatives who are packed into this suburban des moines mega church. tonight hear from all five.
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gingrich, pawlenty, santorum, roamer and cane. they are speaking before the faith and freedom coalition. one big name who is a no-show today is donald trump. trump did send his aide michael cohen. cohen flew in on a -- fancy plane to represent trump and met with gop chairman. he was so happy to meet trump's aide he went to the airport to greet him. who isn't here? huckabee, romney, sarah palin and book pan is not here. we did catch up with newt gingrich at the machine shed restaurant. the former speaker of the house went on the record. mr. speaker, nice to see you. >> great to be with you.
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>> greta: i don't know if i should say welcome to iowa or you should welcome me to iowa. >> i've probe -- probably been here more, welcome to iowa. >> greta: first let me ask you about libya. the president has said military options with nato are not off the table. what would you do about libya? >> exercise a no-fly zone this evening. communicate to the libyan military that qadhafi was gone and sooner they switch sides the more like they were to survive. provided help to the rebels to replace him. the idea we are confused about a man who has been an anti-american dictator since 1969 tells you how inept this administration is. they were quick to jump on mu hugh their ally for 30 years and confused about getting rid of qadhafi. do it, get it over with. >> greta: you think it is inept feud the pause or
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different -- inept feud the pause or different diplomacy. >> the most generous comment would be inept feud. the united states doesn't need anybody's permission. we don't need to have nato the united nations. all we have to say is we think slaughtering your own citizens is unacceptable and we don't have to send troops. all we have to do is suppress his air force which we could do in minutes. then we have to say publicly that he is gone that the military should switch sides now and help the rebels if that means getting them weapons or whatever it means. the fact there is no more libyan airpower and the united states has publicly come out for decisively replacing him, i suspect the military will dump him. >> greta: why are you here in iowa today? >> we launched an exploratory process and we are looking
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seriously at running. you can't without coming here. we've also had american solutions small business owners meeting. we've been in the state capital talking with people about important ideas such as broadband coverage for all of iowa. we have an opportunity to be at a fate and freedom meeting and outline new ideas on using executive orders to turn the government around on the first day of a new administration. i think there are a lot of good reasons to come to eye -- to iowa had a cans to talk with students about -- had a chance to talk with students. >> greta: is this more of a religious forum talking social issues? >> a forum of people who are concerned about social issues in the proposals that i'm talking about, we include abolishing the czars in the white house, which is important to the tea parties and economic conservatives. we're talking strucking the state department to an --
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instructing the state department to allow countries to identify their own capital, specifically israel today the u.s. refuses to recognize the capital of israel the only country in the world which affects national security. i think you will find that the group while they are staunch social conservativesl, are also very strong economic and national security conservatives. >> greta: in looking into them what i discovered is in the last election, the midterm election they had contact with 560,000 voters, huge rolodex. i assume politically they are important. plus, another statistic i read is 60% of the caucus those who went to the caucus last time were associated with evangelicals. >> they are very significant. i think they played a significant role in defeating the three iowa supreme court judges who were the first judges ever defeated in iowa
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in the history of that process. they have a process here you get to vote yes or no on whether to retain them. historically judges only got a 40% no. this time a majority voted no. it looks possible at least three more of the supreme court justices will leave in that sense they probably played a significant role beyond the regular election process. >> greta: you mentioned that "l.a. times" reports that you or your organization contributed $200,000 to that effort on those three that were tossed out of iowa supreme court s that right? >> no, we helped find the money. it didn't come from our organization. judges have to operate within the framework of the constitution. judges can't rewrite the constitution at will, based on the current fad or opinion choice of the day. i did agree with those iowans who felt this court had clearly fundamentally changed the iowa constitution in a way that the voters would not have
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supported. >> greta: opposed to gay marriage? >> i'm strongly in support of marriage being between a man and woman. beyond that, i'm very strongly opposed to courts on many topics, not just on issues of marriage. on many topics, judges decide they will rewrite the constitution based on their whim. i think that is constitutionally wrong. and i think it represents an abuse of power. iowa was an opportunity to start sending a signal we need a national debate. the 9th circuit court is overturned more than all the other courts. we want to recognize when you have judges who are consistently wrong, they shouldn't be there. >> greta: every candidate brings something he or has to explain. one of the things you have to explain is your infidelity in the 90s.
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how do you tell the group that you speak to know tight that it is -- how make sure they don't see it as a character flaw that can be fixed and instead see it as someone who is repenting and it should be ignored or overlooked in terms of voting? >> they have to render their judgment as do all americans. they have to look at the totality of a person's life and decide who are they and what have they learned. i've made no bones about the fact there are times i did the wrong thing. and no bones about the fact that i've asked for forgiveness. people have to decide. i'm now a grandfather. i have two grandchildren i love very much. i have two wonderful daughters and two great son-in-laws. calista and i as you know have a great marriage. people have to decide is this person there with him tonight somebody they can feel comfortable, understands he's made mistakes but also how to live a life that they can trust with helping lead this country.
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people have to make that decision. >> greta: how do they make that decision? senator end sign is not going to run again -- senator ensign is not going to run again, because he's had an affair and the numbers are terrible for him. >> i think people have to decide by looking at the total person. and looking at my total record. i think if you look at all the things i've done in public life to the degree in which i've been prepared to fight for the values of the american people and stand up to the establishment at times with people pretty angry at me. then you have to decide is that a person you trust, at a time when america clearly needs to have veryrtundamental challenges. >> greta: you have now converted to catholicism, when and why? >> it was a long process. calista was born into a catholic church and very devout. she sings in the choir as a
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spouse i went in a supportive way. over time, being there, participating, experiencing the mass, i tell people it wasn't so much that i converted as it was that i god wallly became catholic and one morning realized what happened. i find it a -- nurturing and comforting experience ands that made me feel more at peace than any other time in my life. >> greta: more with newt gingrich. straight ahead, you just heard from newt gingrich. do not go away. there are four more. hear from the other four possible presidential contenders in iowa. rick santorum is next. also admit, you have been waiting for this. more breaking news about charlie sheen. first his tv show was put on hiatus. then his children were taken away. now a bigger bombshell.
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astrazeneca may be able to help. >> greta: tonight the 2012 presidential elects kicking into high gear hour ago the first multi-candidate forum took place here in what key, iowa. one of the five -- possible con ers who spoke, rick santorum. am i right -- had is -- am i
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right this is out of the gate? >> where other potentials have had a chance to speak. there's been stuff in washington this is the -- i would say probably the kick. >> greta: didn't see huckabee, palin, romney. nobody is running that the point. >> nobody has announced. i've going to defer on that question. i'm here testing the waters. that means you have to talk to people and let people get a chance to see you. give your feedback and factor that in and keep going. >> greta: for the most part all of you agree. all of you are pro-life, small government. same sort of ideology we it comes to foreign policy. if a little bit of a beauty pageant, who has less baggage. how do we distinguish? >> i think when you are looking at a president you are
10:15 pm
looking at qualities of leadership. whether the person has shown and exhibited courage. if they have the discipline necessary to make the tough decisions? have they been strong and forthright? have they had those qualities that make a good leader and can lead? can they communicate well? all of these things are important as well as what they believe and how they articulate that. >> greta: you got a smack down in 2006 by 18 points. you got to win pennsylvania if you want to be president is different now? have you changed or you think the country changed? >> the candidate for governor when i ran in 2006 lost by 22 points in 2010 our candidate for gernor won by 10. it tells you, it was a bad election year in -- we lost five congressional seats, we lost everything badly in 2010 we won everything. the country has changed a lot.
10:16 pm
i say within some respects thanks to barack obama for -- i say in some respects thanks to barack obama. internationally, here at home, culturally, people are now engaged again. >> greta: what i've learned for the first time about you, when you were a fox news contributor, your children thought your first fame was ultra. >> the ultra conservative rick santorum. >> greta: that is not your first name? >> no, for the record that is not my first name. great to have you here. >> greta: coming up you heard from newt gingrich, now senator santorum. herman cane is next. if you think you don't know who he is, you may be surprised. >> also, charlie sheen is at
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>> greta: herman cane may not be a household name now, but
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he will be. there's one other thing, there's a good chance you have eaten a slice of his pizza former ceo of the godfather's restaurants. one of the 2012 presidential contenders who spoke here. he ran for u.s. senate in georgia in 2004. radio talk show host herman cane joins us live. good evening. good to see but in iowa. you are going to be here for a while? knocking on doors. >> knocking on doors, going into restaurants, talking to people. a lot of people may not know who i am, but they are beginning to learn me. the more time i spend here and meet people in these small groups the better. >> greta: i thought here's a successful businessman so his approach to this he's going to focus on economy. never thought of you as social issues. tonight you zeroed in on social issues. >> you can separate social
10:21 pm
issues from domestic issues they go hand-in-hand. our culture is being attacked as well as our economy being destroyed. you need to talk about it. we the president of the united states tries to recite a portion of the deck khraeugs -- declaration of independence and leaves out on purpose three times endowed by creator, something is wrong. we cannot let that happen. >> greta: you are a religious man? >> yes. >> greta: are you saying the president is not? >> i did not say that. it doesn't the right message right. why do we need to rewrite it. people are saying don't try to rewrite the declaration the constitution. >> greta: every candidate, pretty much on the major big issues, all against abortion and big government. how do we as voters tell which
10:22 pm
to vote for is the difference? what should people look for? >> the "l" wore, leadership. which best project -- projects leadership that the american people are hungry for. how they talk about how they solve problems. i found when i speak, i talk about how will approach solving problems. setting the right priorities surrounding yourself with the right people and putting together the right plan that is resonating. there's this frustration that problems aren't getting solved now, they are getting worse, look for the "l" word, leadership. >> greta: you have to go out and raise money. in some ways regretably it is a race for the cash finish line. what are you going to do to get cash? >> our philosophy is simple. most we just need to raise
10:23 pm
enough to be competitive. after eye work south carolina, new hampshire -- after iowa, south carolina, new hampshire, vermont, georgia southeast, just going to stay on the road. >> greta: what would you do >> let's say we should have had a plan before in exploded. the thing i would do is make sure we provide as much support to those that want liberty and democracy in that country. i don't know all of the covert ways to do that, because i'm not privy to all that information but we need to support the people putting their lives on the line to change libya. >> greta: what is the single reason not to vote for president obama next time? >> has not delivered on stimulating the economy. the american people knew we could not spend our way to prosperity but they did it any way. people were overwhelmingly his solution to health care. he forced it down the throats of the american people any way i didn't used to call it
10:24 pm
obamacare until he got the house of representatives to get the senate version and get the members of the house that were democrats to walk the plank, they did and paid dearly. number three, he has not demonstrated that he has a grasp of how this economy, free market system works. businesses will create jobs if you get government out of the way. those are the three reasons why i think a lot of people are saying enough is enough. -- those are the reasons -- >> greta: nice to see you. three down two more to go. his ads are slick are they enough to get the attention of voters? tim pawlenty is next. >> breaking news involvesing joran van der sloot. he's -- when the economy tumbled, jpmorgan chase set up new offices to work one-on-one with homeowners.
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road to 2012 take any of the politicians in iowa today all the way to the white house? this is where it begins. government now pawlenty is serious, but will he run? we asked the government that and more in des moines. nice to see you. >> good to be with you. >> greta: nice to be in iowa with you. >> we are at the machine shed which probably reminds you of the days of deep purple. >> greta: indeed, i do remember that. moving along. let me ask you a question the president said today on the table, with nato there are military options in libya. if were you president today what would you do about libya? >> we need to stand for our principles. we don't want new or continued radical regimes anywhere in the world. we want to move these regimes towards our value system, democracy, human rights, resolving disputes in a
10:29 pm
peaceful manner. >> greta: that's not happening there. >> i understand. i would consider and likely deploy a no-fly -- no-fly zone over libya for those reasons. we have a -- we have the reasonable capacity to prevent and stop that as it s to airstrikes. that's a viable option. -- >> greta: now to iowa. many in iowa think you are the tea party candidate. people also think that congresswoman bachmann is the tea party candidate. do you consider yourself a tea party candidate? >> i appreciate the tea party. i think they are bringing new ideas and they are an important part. i hope to earn their support. i think i can appeal to the business conservatives, the social conservatives and the whole range of the conservative movement. i think i've the ability to go
10:30 pm
across the continuum. >> greta: what is the difference between the ideology of the tea party and republican party? >> tea party it is a mindset people are fed up, they've had enough. different in intensity. more towards the libertarian end of the continuum than the establishment or traditional republicans. >> greta: i thought republicans ideology was small government, tea party says small government. i seems many of the things the tea party is speaking about, we don't like the fact that the republicans aren't doing what they said now we put their feet to the fire. >> that's a good thing. we want people in elected office, particularly the ones who campaign within way and govern another to be accountable for their words and deeds. i think it is a helpful thing to have republicans to feel a tap on their shoulder. we are going to hold you accountable that's a good thing in a democracy. >> greta: i have -- think come
10:31 pm
2012 the voters will be more interested in social issues or economic? >> if you are going to be the president of the united states or a leader in a significant capacity you have to do more than one thing. clearly jobs and the economy. we have to aggressively and boldly address that. that doesn't mean that's the only thing we can do. you have to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time and address more than one thing. >> greta: one big issue is gay marriage. are you for or against equipment? -- are you for or against gay marriage? >> i'm a supporter of traditional marriage. >> greta: what do you tell gay citizens that you can't be married you can't have this formal contract with someone? >> a marital relationship between a man and woman is unique and has had and should
10:32 pm
continue to have an elevated position in our society for obvious reasons. i will never be at the point where i say all domestic relationship are the same as traditional marriage, they are not. i want to preserve traditional marriage. >> greta: jobs. how are we doing on-the-job front? what would you do differently than what the president doing? >> if we are going to grow the economy we should grow the private sector not the government sector if you talk to people who provide jobs they say get the government off my back. make the load lighter. president obama doesn't understand this he has never had any significant affiliations or experience in the private sector. he's got a government centric view towards growing the economy. i've got a private sector view towards growing the economy. >> greta: is there anything
10:33 pm
governor romney can say about massachusetts health care, the one that he signed that you could defend? how does he explain that to the voters? >> i'm going to try to abide by ronald reagan's 11th commandment, we are not going to talk negatively about other folks. >> greta: he signed that, that was a good law we he signed it. i think heç said the other night there are still portions of it he likes. >> rather than criticizing somebody else's approach, i'll tell you my approach. don't drag problems into washington, d.c. or the state capital. empower individuals and families in a marketplace. if they need financial help, give it to them directly, right to them in the form of a voucher, credit, don't run the money through some big bureaucracy and create a marketplace not a government centric arena for these services to be made and delivered. >> greta: our next guest served as a democratic congressman then he became
10:34 pm
louisiana's democratic governor. when he left the governor's mansion he was a republican. he switched parties to become a republican after a switch roemer didn't win reelection. changing parties mid stream didn't you know that wouldn't get you reelected? >> it would hurt, i knew that the legislature was 95% democrat. i was a state that was the worst in america in unemployment. paid its teachers the worst, ranked 50th in education. was corrupt throughout. and i changed everything i could. balanced the budget. tested teachers to see who could teach, gave them a 30% pay raise. i decided the one thing i had to do was bring a two-party system so there would be debate. i worked with ronald reagan everyday he told me you ought to be a republican buddy.
10:35 pm
my time came we i had to make that decision. today the majority of our legislature is republican. it is a two-party state and it is better for it. i'm glad i did it. >> greta: all the candidates today, pretty close we are not at the point -- [ unintelligible ] nobody has announced. you came in and said that in your campaign, should you decide to formally announce you take no pac money. and you only take $100 contribution, per person. >> or less. >> greta: senator feingold tried that as a democrat in wisconsin, he almost got run out of dodge. win. now of course he did lose the last time. that's risky. >> you can win. and be freed to lead that's what america needs. tree to lead. that's what i want my president to be. i don't want him to be owned by special interests, big banks, wall street banks, tort
10:36 pm
lawyers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies or pacs. that's who gives all this money. washington, d.c. is a boomtown and the rest of america is hurting. i wonder why? we are going to lower the money level. invite anybody to give us $100 or $10, $50, they can be a lobbyist, special interest, farmer, they can be plain people that's who needs to run this country. i'm going to prove it can be done. >> greta: if you were elected the president the first three months what would be the most reasonable, practical best thing could you accomplish? within reason. >> attitude, can do. i would meet with the congress. i was a member of congress. i understand their power and the need for them to have more power in balance with the president. i would offer a balanced budget over a reasonable period of time and show them how to get there. i would revise the tax code. it takes a philadelphia lawyer
10:37 pm
to read a 5500 page tax code. the average person has no chance. third, i would pick out small business and give them help in this tax coached the first $100,000 would be tax-free for small business. would make this country competitive. finally, i would announce in my inauguration we are going to be energy independent in the united states of america and we would do it by the end of this decade and which would tell them how. >> greta: how? >> use all the resources we have now, solar, title, geothermal, battery, oil, natural gas, clean coal, nuclear. we would not allow the importation from the middle east of their foreign oil. we would slowly over a seven year period, make america energy independent. by allowing7z+2k businesses and small businesses and people to contribute their production.
10:38 pm
finally we would use the new technology we have to drill oil where we can find it. we would do it environmentally sound. it needs all of these pieces put together. we have ethanol subsidies now. >> greta: not popular in iowa. >> i'm going to talk about oil subsidies in louisiana. >> greta: not going to be popular there either. >> you want the president to do the right thing. i'm tired of america being addicted to middle eastern oil. we can't do the right thing in africa or the mideast. we can't support the people because we have to support the thugs and dictators. i'm tired of sending marines on oil duty. let's take it back. >> greta: governor nice to see you, good luck. >> thanks greta. >> greta: coming up, breaking news involving joran van der sloot. first, we take you to wisconsin. governor scott walker is watch cheting up pressure on the 14
10:39 pm
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i have clients say it's really hard to save for the future and they've come to a point where it's overwhelming. oh gee, i'm scared to tell you i've got this amount of credit card debt or i've got a 15-year-old and we never got around to saving for their college. that's when i go to work. we talk, we start planning. we can fix this. when clients walk out of my office they feel confident about their retirement. [ male announcer ] visit and put a confident retirement more within reach. >> greta: there's more ahead but first let's go to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: libyan leader muammar qadhafi is stepping up airstrikes trying to overthrow rebels. warplanes targeting eastern libya now in control of the
10:43 pm
rebels. nato is considering imposing a no-fly zone over libya to stop those air attacks. until a decision is made nato will increase surveillance flights over libya. military action beyond humanitarian aid is also being considered. >> president obama ordering a resumption of trials for terror suspects health at guantanamo bay. the president's decision ending a two year ban congress opposed to bringing terror suspects to court in the u.s.. no word on when the trials might begin. days after taking office president obama ordered guantanamo bay closed within a year now expected to remain open indefinitely. i'm ainsley earhart, now back to greta. >> greta: ridiculous! that's what governor walker of wisconsin is calling the latest move by the wisconsin 14. democrats are asking for border summit in an effort to resume smalled -- resume stalled negotiations. they delivered the governor a
10:44 pm
letter. he says the senators must return to wisconsin. the senators have been on the run since february 15. state senator erpenbach joins us live from chicago. good evening. >> hi! >> greta: so, are we any closer to you guys going back to wisconsin? >> i wish we were. i thought we were thursday afternoon. from what i understand there was movement with the walker administration which was good to hear. then the senate republicans passed the resolution saying we could be addressed if we crossed the border. that was a setback. we continue to reach out. the letter the governor call ridiculous today. it was an honest and sincere effort to sit down and talk to our differences. it was an effort to reach out like we've been doing everyday to see if we can keep the lines of communication open. >> greta: maybe i can give you a tip.
10:45 pm
tryscape. talk that way perhaps. -- you can tryç skype. the governor has made it clear he's not budging on this collective bargaining issue minus the salary. state employees could still bargain as to salary. the democrats say they won't bundle on it ear. i don't see where this negotiation is going. where is the potential wiggle room for both sides so something could be worked out? >> great question. i think it is -- will come from the senate republicans. they've seen the poll up ins from the left, miding, right group, all the poll numbers are consistent. there's five or six senate republicans who are not comfortable with the idea of what the governor wants to do with collective bargaining. we've already had one senate republican say he's going to vote against the proposal unless it is changed. if there is wiggle room it
10:46 pm
will probably come from the senate republicans. we are also asking ourselves even if governor walker gets his way how can he expect to lead the state in the future as divided as it is? if they do get their way it is not like the issue is going to go away. >> greta: you didn't want that bill jammed down your throat you wanted a chance to read it. much like the complain to the republicans -- complaint of the republicans to president obama's health care bill. they did stay and vote. you have now had a chance to review the bill. the entire country now knows about that bill if your reason was you needed time to study it, you've had it. now what is your reason for not going home to vote? >> a couple of things on the presidential proposal on health care at the federal level i think they debated that close to a year. in wisconsin they wanted to debate in and -- >> greta: no, let me stop. i shouldn't use the stimulus
10:47 pm
bill. the stimulus -- i'm sorry to . the stimulus is a better -- i'm sorry to interrupt, the stimulus is a better example. >> . we stepped back thursday morning by that afternoon, there was 25,000 in people madison. the more people see this the more we are no longer divided in a clear majority they want changes to be done with this. especially in the collective bargaining piece. not so much what it is going to take to get us 14 back it is what it is going to take the governor to sell the people in wisconsin this is what we need to do. now he's taking shots at us as opposed to talking about the issues in the mean time we have 60 to 70% of the people who want changes made. it is not so much us he has to sell the state this is what needs to be done and he hasn't done it so far. >> greta: senator, thank you for joining us. i don't see anyone budging on
10:48 pm
this one. >> thank you. >> greta: there's breaking news in the case involving the 2005 disappearance of natalee holloway in an rumba. the prime suspect joran van der sloot is pleading guilty to killing, murdering a young peruvian woman. there's a catch, of course. his attorneys say his client will enter a guilty plea of the lesser charge of manslaughter in a fit of rain in the murder of stephanie flores. he's accused of killing flores in a hotel room last year. his attorney says if the guilty plea is accepted his client would only serve 20 months of a three to five year sentence. he has been in jail since june of last year. he faces 25 years without that plea deal. keep it here for the latest. as you know on the record has been following the natalee holloway closely for six years now. >> straight ahead, charlie
10:49 pm
sheen could not be happy about this. why is he smiling? wherever his reasons millions are not interviewed in a show call one and a half men. >> famous singer surprised a crowd of angry pangs at the airport. all caught on -- angry passengers at the airport, all caught on camera. and if you go with us, it'll be a win-win. it certainly will. this could be a win-win. this is going to be a win-win. win-win. you should say win-win... use a hyphen. you know what this is ? a win-win. a home run. ah, that was my next guess. win-win. win-win. drink. man, this trip was great. i mean... i'm just... ah... pumped. mobile. take control of your travel. we're american airlines. find our lowest fares guaranteed at
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest. has this ever happened to you? they'ded at an airport? maybe it has. but we bet never by cyndi lauper. she calmed angry travelers stuck in buenos aires. . ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greta: lauper was in town for a stop on her world tour. at 57 she still has it. >> governor palin showed her support for heisman trophy winner tim tebow for starring in a pro-life ad during the super bowl. now the quarterback is showing support with amari stoudamire. they say a college basketball player booted from his team for sleeping with his girlfriend should get a second chance. he was kicked off the basketball team accused of
10:54 pm
violating the honor code of brigham young university. the code says you cannot have prepar tall sex. tebow says he believes -- premarital sex. tebow says he believes everyone deserves a second chance. we'll wait to see if the celebrity support will be enough to get him back on the court. >> is this how you would react if you were fired? charlie sheen just fired from his sitcom. new video from tmz shows sheen on top of a beverly hills building waiving a machete in the air. sheen says his fire something good news. he told tmz he wants to take all of their money. referring to warners. mark cuban the billionaire owner of the mavericks talking to sheen about developing a program for hdnet owned by cuban. this weekend sheen started in his own internet show called
10:55 pm
sheen's corner. he may be fired but he is busy. the best of the rest. >> wait a second, did sheen get a jumpstart on a new television show? straight ahead. doing the spping. man, it would be a lot easier if we didn't have o weigh 'em all. if those bos are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh 'em. with these priority mail flat re boxes from the postal service, if it fits, iships anywhere in the country for a low flat te. no weigh? nope. no way. yeah. no weig sure. no way! uh-uh. no way. yes way, no weigh. priority maillat rate shipping starts at just $4.95, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
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time, last call. charlie sheen had his own show, who would he interview? well, "saturday night live" had idea autos great to be anywhere but libya. >> wait! >> i bet you're just killing it right now. >> this is between my people, then... yes. i'm very much killing it. >> okay. you've been a star dictator on a hit country for 42 seasons. and no one even talks about libya. who are they going to replace you with? an elective democracy? john stamos? come on. >> hi, charlie. >> hi, lindsay. you win something. >> you know it. >> radical. >> my new open -- movie opened 68 months ago and los angeles court house gave me my own parking spot. winning, duh. >> that was